Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The adventure to the plant Neptune

That one day when I thought I would be fine I wasn’t I got stuck on the plant Neptune. I went there because we wanted to see what was on Neptune and what type of like dirt was on it. I was stuck there for almost 2 months. The two people that were with me were my friends Nicole and James.
         When we were out I space our space ship was damaged because we hit something like the junk that was floating around in space. When James and me left the spaceship we walked at least 10 miles out on Neptune. We were looking for any rocks or rare soil or something else.  

I realized some one was following us was when I turned and James wasn’t behind me. I was terrified so I tried to run away but I was to slow. The creature was like 7 feet tall and had razor sharp teeth that it could slice something in half. I tripped and fell over the big space ship when I realized I was safe and so was James cause He made it to the space ship just in time. At the end of all that happened I ended waking up in my bed at home on earth and saying to my self “ That was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.” 

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