Friday, February 20, 2015

My college essay

I have a lot of goals in the future but, there is one thing. There are a lot of people that end up not going to college but for me I want to go to college because I want to help a lot of people in the world. I Want to become a doctor by going to medical school then graduate from college. It came to mind when I thought about my Aunt Kimberly, Aunt Adrian, and uncle Christopher Because they are all nurses. When I was young I ended up in the hospital a lot because I had a weak Immune system. I was a baby when it started and it stopped at 7 years old. I’m 12 years old and wanting to become a doctor to help out people in different states some day. 
My future goals is to graduate from a college down in Colorado. I’ll go and visit a lot of people around the world to help them get heathy and better so they don’t get sick any more. So when I’ll graduate i’ll know what to do when some one gets into an accident or if they are unconscious. I’ll have to study a lot and take classes for medical school. I will study really hard and concentrate on school until then I won’t give up. 
In my college experience I want to graduate medical school and become the best doctor I can be. College will make me become what you want as long as you study and work really hard on it. To me I think you have to study but maybe to you it is very different because your parents might of told you different or some one else. My parents told me that college helps you get a better job so that you aren’t doing a lame/boring job. 
I was inspired by my Aunt’s and Uncle because they helped many people in the hospital and other hospitals.I want to become a doctor or a nurse but, mostly a surgeon because I think it would be quite interesting to do surgery but gross at the same time. So I hope that i’ll be able to help a lot of people. 

So I hope when you grow up and graduate. So I hope you get into a great college and get into the job that you would really like to be in. So I hope you do great at a lot of things and hope you get into the best college. So good luck. 

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