Friday, December 12, 2014

list poem

In O'Neill,
on Saint Patricks Day,
you can do anything like pal,
so on Saint Patricks Day,
people dance or go
to parades,
in O'Neill, on Saint Patricks Day.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Free choice poem

The train ran through the rain
that went into the crane
were it forever remained

extended metaphor

A dream is a fairytale
it is realistic or magical
you think your
going to be gone because
of a dragon or villain
or you dream about being a
a thing that messes up your dream

Found poem

A way of life is deliberate and deadly
a day when all americans defend freedom
peace and justice that is just in our world

5 senses poem

A cold gust of wind blows really hard, 
 a freezing cold pile of snow blows in the wind 
 I could smell the pine trees  
and the snow blowing in the wind 
I could see a big white piled hill of snow  
with a soft fluffy pile of snow 
I also heard the wind blowing, 
 the trees rustling in the wind ,
 the wind howling too 
I could taste the melting snow in my mouth 
and the dirt that was in the snow to