Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Acrostic poem

Winter is very cold
In winter you get to play in the snow
Not like it's summer
 The Winter is a fun thing to have and you
End up in the snow and we
Run in the snow to

name poem

It means happy,tall,nice
It is the number 10
It is like a bright and dark color
      It is a basketball game
      It is the memory of my dad Adam  
 Who taught me to play basketball and to draw
 When he is happy he's in a good mode but when he's in a not he's in a bad mode
     My name Alexandria
It means that I love my friends and family

Monday, November 24, 2014


              The theme of my motivator means to me that its telling me that people work harder on sports and other things than the things you don’t do. The examples of the theme that relates to the movie is that they both tell you that you can really hard at things and that you don’t have to give up. It relates to my life because I don’t give up on the things that I do and when I do things I finish what I do. So that when you do something don’t ever give up on yourself when you try your hardest.

Friday, November 14, 2014

American freedom


            What does freedom mean to you? I think freedom means to do something without  getting into some sort of trouble. Most people don’t get hurt or killed because of it cause most people were like that a long time ago but, now it’s not like that. We celebrate freedom in America by freedom of speech, our military, and the ways we celebrate freedom.  
           Freedom of speech is something that we love some times because you get to say what we want. We get to say and do whatever we want when no one is around.  If we don’t say something that could harm others, we are free to say it in the U.S. We also get to have are own rights to stick with. 
           The military is something to keep us safe from danger. You have to respect them all the time because they risk their lives for us to keep us safe from other people. You have to be nice and listen because they are somebody's family even if you don’t like them you still respect them. 
You also have to respect the lost that died for us. 

           The ways we celebrate freedom is sometimes fun to do. On the 4th of July, we get to light fireworks, and you also get to wear red, white, and blue. You get to have parties with friends and family. We also have parades for freedom to celebrate the freedom and peace we get because of it. 

             Because of freedom of speech , The military, and the ways we celebrate freedom is because we need to respect that. Learn to respect the people who care about you and keep you safe.