Friday, August 29, 2014

My bed room

                                              My Bedroom 
          Here is my room,my mirror is on the dresser. It’s white as snow. It has roses on it that are really red. And its pink green and blue.I got my mirror from my great great grandma. Next, in my room is porcelain dolls. There are boy and girls of all sorts of colors.I got them from y mom and  family. Next, is my ps3. My ps3 is black.It has lots of games like Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag, Little Big Plant, Skyrim and etc.  
 bed. It is purple and white. The bed frame is different colors.Like red, blue, and  green. It is different from other beds though. Now is my  jewelry. My  jewelry is red, green, blue, purple, pink,and etc.Its small jewelry. I wear it almost every day. Now is my computer. my computer is white and it is a mac. My computer is on the desk. I take my come outer with me  an saturday or sunday. I  now us it for important things.I am rich beyond measure.